If you have a PC computer with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, you may have seen an option for the Windows 8.1 upgrade – Don’t do it.  Unlike previous versions of the Microsoft operating systems like XP, Vista and 7, Windows 8.1 isn’t a patch, update or service pack to the base operating system……..its a completely separate and stand alone operating system.  As a result, you are actually upgrading to a new model, and not simply making changes to what you already have.  And, unlike updates to previous operating systems, it’s much more difficult to roll back the changes that this update will make to your system.

There have been a lot of stories of failed update attempts as well as it taking multiple attempts to actually complete the upgrade. Frustrating to say the least.  And, unlike updates to previous operating systems, it’s much more difficult to roll back the changes that this update will make to your system.  So if you plan to do an update, we highly recommend making a recovery USB flash drive.

If you get the update to apply and are up and running, you may have a few other issues.  One concerning issue is the loss of the recovery partition.  The recovery partition replaced the disks that used to come with computers a few years back and provided a way to reset the computer back to factory defaults.  If you have to reinstall the operating system post 8.1, you have to find an actual copy of the installation disks from the manufacturer or go out and purchase one.  The other issue we have heard a lot about concerns drivers — the background bits of software that allow the system to talk to individual components like video cards — and their loss of function, failure and outright disappearance from 8.1.

So, when it comes to the Windows 8.1 upgrade – don’t do it unless you are fully prepared for the consequences and know how to recover from any issues that result.  Be sure to contact Prairie Star Technology if you have any questions on this.


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