Professional IT Managed Services for Individuals and Small Businesses in Kansas City.

We all rely on technology these days in our personal and business lives.  Rely on Prairie Star Technology to make your Technology work for you!

Traditionally, small businesses, start-ups, home-based businesses, and even individual residential computer users have had few choices when it came to setting up, maintaining and repairing their computers and networks.   They didn’t know who to trust or were concerned that professional advice would be too expensive.  All they knew is that they just wanted things to work and not be frustrated every time they used their computer.  Now, small business and individual computer users have a professional, certified and affordable option, Complete Computer Care from Prairie Star Technology.

Keeping a computer running well and protected from computer viruses can be a full-time job.  Repairing a computer and removing a virus can take hours or even days, cost a lot and result in lost productivity.  Our program is designed to keep a computer running well and fix issues while they are small and before they grow into serious problems that can result in lost time, high frustration and expensive repairs.

Complete Computer Care remotely monitors your computer and network looking for problems, offers a real-time preventative maintenance solution and has a professionally set up, a full Internet security suite that is best in class……….for only $20.99 a month a computer.  As an added benefit, if you need any of our other services, you get 20% off our regular repair rates.

While you can wait for something to break and then call us, you can subscribe to Complete Computer Care and we will call you to tell you that something broke, that we fixed it and you didn’t even know it.  Now that is peace of mind!!

Our Complete Computer Care IT Managed Service Platform Offers:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring and service
  • On-going preventative maintenance
  • Best in class Internet security and virus protection

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