Computer problems are frustrating!  While we are located in a suburb of Kansas City, we offer nationwide remote computer support.  We can fix most computer problems like removing a computer virus, improving computer start up times, speeding up slow and unresponsive computers and many other technical problems!

Call us at 913/730-6262 and visit our Service Request page and click on the button that says “Click Here for Remote Support”.  Once you give us your unique ID#, we can quickly remote in and start working on getting your problem solved. Its really that easy!

While there are TV ads that say they can speed up your PC and innumerable articles on the Internet with tips and tricks to make your PC faster, we have found that there is no magic bullet to do this and that each computer has its own unique characteristics that have to be addressed.  We have use more than 20 different tools and software solutions when we perform a computer tune-up and virus removal and have never seen any individual tool do the job all by itself.

If you would like to find out more about how we can improve your computers security to better protect your personal identity, documents, pictures and other data and make your computer faster and more fun to use, call us at 913/730-6262 or on our Contact Us page.

Founded in 2010, Prairie Star Technology is an independent IT service and support firm located in Overland Park and serving the greater Kansas City area.  Prairie Star Technology specializes in improving computer performance, reliability and security for residential and small business customers.  We are focused on providing fast, professional and certified computer support to small business and individual clients nationwide.  While our techs are CompTIA certified, we promise we wont overwhelm you with ‘geek talk’.Our unique managed service program, Complete Computer Care, combines remote monitoring, preventative maintenance and Internet security all into one bundled offering for only $15.99 a month.

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