Looking for computer recycling in Kansas City?

Old and obsolete computers and other electronic items are a valuable source of recycled raw materials.  Its important to recycle these components properly because if they are just thrown in the trash, they can be a source of toxins, including dangerous carcinogens like lead, mercury and cadmium.  This is a huge negative impact on the environment if handled improperly.

There is a fast growing surplus of computers and components.  Hundreds of millions of computers, printers, monitors, cell phones and other components are replaced every year.  Unfortunately, its estimated that only 15% of e-waste is recycled.  The rest go directly into landfills or incinerators.

The federal government and many states have enacted legislation concerning the recycling and reuse of computers, computer parts and other electronics with requirements and penalties for not recycling e-waste.

Thankfully, computer recycling in Kansas City is easy.  Staples has three locations, Kansas City, MO in Zona Rosa and two locations in Overland Park that will accept up to 5 items a day for recycling.  The best part……ITS FREE!!!

One thing to remember is to remove and destroy your computers hard drive prior to recycling it.  You can use a power drill and put a few holes through it or take a hammer or mallet and give it 15-20 very hard hits.  This will make it nearly impossible to retrieve any of your personal data from your hard drive.

Computer recycling in Kansas City is easy and its the environmentally responsible thing to do.


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