September 27, 2013

Kansas City Handyman

Had the opportunity to sit down with Kip Stamper, owner of Olathe’s We Can Handyman this morning over a cup of coffee.  Love his slogan, Turning Honey Do’s into Honey Done’s!  If you are looking for someone who can do just about anything, you can rely on Kip and...

Slow Computer

Frustrated with a slow computer?  You aren’t alone.  But you may be even more frustrated because you don’t know who to trust to fix your slow computer. There are commercials on TV, advertisements on the Internet and a good portion of an isle at Microcenter with...

Apple iOS7 Update

Apple iOS7 Update!!! Apple just released iOS 7 for iPads, iPhones and iPods a week ago but have already released a fix you need to apply to your iOS device if you’ve upgraded.   The Apple iOS7 update is referred to as iOS7.0.2 and was released by Apple yesterday to fix some...